New Book Provides Fresh Concept for Sales Effectiveness

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After working in the sales industry for many years as a sales professional and a national sales trainer, JD Clockadale started noticing an alarming trend. Sales professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to focus on key Revenue Generating Activities (RGAs). He realized that no matter how talented sales professionals become, today’s information age with continual email, texts, meetings and phone calls are robbing them of their time.

This led to the creation of Clockadale’s newly released book: M.A.D. Time OwnershipTM for Sales. “M.A.D.” comes from the book’s core focus that sales professionals need to develop the Mindset, Action and Discipline to own their own time and put it to work on the right activities to create sales success. The author provides a fun, simple and easily implementable roadmap to accomplish this. It also includes a key section on addressing the 3D’s of Time Wasting, which are: Diversions, Distractions and Detractors.

“Time ownership involves making a conscious decision to take ownership of your time, rather than spending it on activities that drain your energy and waste time,” according to Clockadale. “To achieve real success, sales professionals must know what success looks like and spend time on actions that grow their sales pipeline, create new sales and generate new prospects”

The book helps individuals and companies make time ownership best practices the common practice for their business.

Learn more and listen to an audio snippet with the author at:

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About the Author:
JD Clockadale started his career as a 100% commission-based insurance sales representative with Prudential Financial in Atlanta, GA. He spent six successful years helping families with their insurance needs. After leaving Prudential, he launched, operated and eventually sold a multi-unit, multi-million dollar restaurant franchise business.

JD went on to gain additional in-depth experience in a broad range of business areas and industries, including leading the leadership development department at one of the largest privately held companies in the Southeast United States. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA in entrepreneurship and innovation from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Among his accomplishments outside of his career, JD has completed three Ironman Triathlons®. He is also a community leader and co-founder of the City of Brookhaven, GA, established in 2012. He can be reached at

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