Brains & Bytes Part II

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Techie Tips to WOW Your Prospects and Boost Next Month’s Income

Hopefully you had a chance to apply some of last issue’s clever techie strategies to your business. Let’s deepen the conversation as we explore some must-have digital applications that will boost your business as you seek to befriend and intrigue prospects and clients and inspire them to want to meet with you.

1. Use Great Calculators and Stories to Sell the Science and the Sizzle

The Life Foundation’s website ( has some quick and persuasive calculators (My favorite is the Human Life Value calculator). Cut and paste these into the body or P.S. of your prospect and client emails. There are also incredibly moving Life Stories on the site which you can custom-pick for your individual prospect/client communication based on age, demographic, culture, etc.

You can also show clients the website directly on your iPad or laptop at your initial interactions and encourage them to play around on the site before your next meeting. Most companies in the USA sponsor the Life Foundation and the materials and resources/tools found on this website are compliance-friendly.

2. Customize With Client’s First Name and Hyperlink Your URL’s When Sending #1 Above

The reason you want to do this is to substantially increase the probability that the reader will open the link.

The following 7 steps are fast and simple:

a)   Click on the website address (URL). It turns blue.

b)  Right click and Select “Copy.”

c)   Paste in your desired destination (Email, Word document etc). Put the curser over the URL – it will turn into a hand.

d)  Right click on the pasted URL again.

e)  Select “Hyperlink” -”Edit Hyperlink.”

f)   Change the heading at the top in the “Text to Display” box. Write your story or message there.

g)  Click “OK.”

3. Automate Your Referrals

Send your client the note of introduction you want them to use when discussing your practice with others. This will help open new doors for your business. Be sure to attach a Sample Financial Plan, Pressure Test (outlined later in this article), and calculators and stories from #1 above. Also, consider including an Estate Directory as outlined in Part One of this article series last month.

Here’s a great note that our coaching attendees find success with:

Dear (Name of person being referred).

I/We recently spent time with (Name of advisor), an advisor from (insert name of company).

While going through the process of saving us thousands for our retirement by making our monthly income work harder for us, I realized that you might benefit from the work he/she does.

I wanted to suggest that the two of you meet. He/she can be contacted on (insert cell number).

If you need a personal reference on him/her, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I/we have been delighted with his/her service.


4. Have a Draft Email Introduction Handy at All Times

There’s nothing like the immediacy of striking while the iron is hot – “Let me send you some tools and resources for your review – if you see anything interesting, I’d be glad to buy you a cup of coffee and give you a casual opinion on your financial direction.”

5. Add a “Pressure Test” to Your Website and Emails – and a Great Tag Line

Also, consider adding a great tag line to your email stationery:

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. What does your written financial plan look like?”

As with everything else suggested in these articles, you are urged to check with compliance prior to executing any of these strategies and suggestions.

6. Use Sparkol to Make a Persuasive, Simple Impact

Have your web designer use Sparkol video scribing to create simple, animated illustrations to educate clients and prospects about financial concepts. The technology allows the designer to create “virtual scribbles” on a whiteboard and build a conceptual illustration that’s easy to understand.

7. Use Video Testimonials in Your Marketing

Show these with your smartphone or host a sumptuous luncheon in your office and invite couples/business-owners to share feedback on camera. Be sure to have them sign a release giving you permission to use the footage on the website and in other forms of marketing material. Avoid having them share anything of a technical nature in respect to the solutions you have provided them. As a guideline, their commentary should be focused on:

a)   Your listening ability

b) Your diagnosis of their whole situation before talking about products

c)   Your ongoing service and communication commitment

Once again, share the footage with compliance in order to seek approval prior to deploying these testimonials.


Anthony Morris is an international financial services speaker and client-building coach. He has spoken in 50 countries since 1992, including multiple appearances at MDRT, Top of The Table, NAIFA State and Company National Meetings. Audiences from Dubai and Singapore to Australia and North America have been enthralled by the PRACTICAL nature of his message. He works primarily with investment and insurance specialists in the agency, independent advisor and bank channels of financial services. Learn more by visiting

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