Brookstone Capital Management Surpasses $1 Billion in Assets Under Management

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WHEATON, IL – June 20, 2014 – Brookstone Capital Management (BCM) announced that it has recently
surpassed $1 billion in assets under management (AUM). Founded in 2006, BCM has more than doubled its
AUM over the past two years, with $500M added in just the past 12 months alone.

Founder and CEO, Dean Zayed, feels the BCM business model is designed for this kind of substantial
growth. “Our turnkey asset management platform that includes a plethora of sophisticated, risk-managed
investment solutions combined with an all-inclusive infrastructure has helped our network of independent
advisors start, build, and grow their businesses smartly and efficiently,” Zayed said. “They’re able to leverage
our user-friendly platform, year-round training events, active portfolio management, operational support, and
full-range marketing services, allowing them to do what they do best – focus on client needs while cultivating
new client relationships. Our business model seems to be proving itself on a daily basis at this point,” he

Zayed cites the recent addition of new technologies, cutting-edge strategies, and innovative investment
managers as important factors in BCM’s growth.

BCM’s investment platform includes a wide range of investment options to meet the diverse needs of clients,
from conservative to moderate to growth. Coming out of the financial crisis, BCM did some serious analysis
and reassessment and its platform evolved quickly after the crisis to embrace the dual mandate of limiting
large losses while delivering competitive risk-adjusted returns. “We knew that relying on the 20th Century
approach to money management would not be good enough in today’s turbulent markets,” said Zayed.

“The industry standard of simply beating a benchmark is just not good enough when you still lose 1/3 of a client’s
wealth. Diversifying across multiple, risk-managed strategies is a unique approach to managing wealth for
both performance and protection and we have had positive results.”

BCM has had an uncanny ability to find boutique, often undiscovered, money managers who share BCM’s
investment philosophy and often commit themselves to providing their services exclusively to BCM and its
advisor network.

“Ultimately, we try to help our advisors stay several steps ahead when successfully managing their clients’
wealth,” said Zayed. “To this end, we will relentlessly continue to invest our resources to improve our
platform as we seek to deliver a special asset management experience to both our advisor partners and

About Brookstone Capital Management
Founded in 2006, Brookstone Capital Management (BCM) is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor firm
providing fee-based asset management services. BCM offers investment management through a select
network of independent advisor representatives, offering portfolios that span conservative, moderate, and
growth oriented risk tolerances. Founder and CEO Dean Zayed established Brookstone with the singular
goal of forging strategic relationships with independent advisors to support all aspects of their fee-based
advisory business.


Media Contact:
Derek Gubala, Director of Marketing
Brookstone Capital Management
1751 S. Naperville Rd, Suite 208
Wheaton, IL 60189
Direct: 630-923-8866 – Fax: 630-653-4925

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