Agents: Are You Ready for the Mission? Learning Social Security Optimizing Strategies to Reinforce Your Role as Trusted Agent

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“Your mission, trusted agents, should you decide to accept it” is to familiarize yourself and your clients with Social Security optimizing strategies. “As always, should you or any of your peers be thrilled and enlightened, I will be pleased, if not I will disavow any knowledge of your actions.” The show Mission Impossible featured a group called the IMF, aka Impossible Mission Force, that solved problems with their collaborative wits and cool technology. For most financial professionals, the topic of Social Security optimization seems like an impossible mission, for many reasons. I have searched the web and have discovered a few amazing solutions that will be helpful for newbies just entering this market or advanced planners looking for refinement. Your true mission is to maximize and reclaim your clients’ hard earned Social Security money.

What sets apart a good decision from a bad decision when it comes to Social Security planning? I can tell you it’s not magic or salesmanship. It’s the math and confidence of your strategy. Most financial marketing organizations are partnering with other companies to give the producer the best possible solutions. Since this has become such a focal point of our industry, it might confuse some with the availability of so many options.

My current mission has revealed a company that has skillfully crafted “simplicity out of complexity” with their program called “Social Security Timing.” You may access this program at This program is the brain-child of Joe Elsasser CFP. Joe believes that Social Security planning is an evolution. For financial professionals in the field, it seems the more you get, the more you want. If this seems like a lot to learn and you want instant results, then let Joe’s program do the heavy lifting (with its powerful and accurate math calculations behind the engine). Why not start with the mobile app? He has created a free, simple, easy and quick-to-use mobile web app that you can immediately fire up to do the heavy lifting at The financial professional can also subscribe to a monthly pay-as-you-go service for $49.99/month. This subscription gives you access to this powerful web-based software on any computer, phone or tablet. Advisors and clients can use the free “What’s at Stake?” consumer calculator, which allows married couples to find out in real dollars the difference between their best and worst possible Social Security election strategy. The solution you are provided with will spell it out in simple-to-understand terms for you and your client (when, who and how to file for your benefits). Joe, the creator of the program, said “Social Security Timing really excels through its tax accuracy with the provisional laws calculated in the background to offer a true optimal client strategy, when partnered with FinanceLogix.” The Social Security Timing engine will be directly integrated into a top-to-bottom financial planning solution with FinanceLogix’s upcoming release update. You may also go to for more information about their competitive planning edge. The Social Security Timing program may have a very accurate and technologically advanced engine, however, its powerhouse feature is the human touch. You will appreciate the phone-based support for all your individual optimization needs.

There’s no shame if you’re looking for the low hanging fruit from the tree of Social Security knowledge. Then the senior centric is worth a look. AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, is a United States-based non-governmental organization and interest group. They were founded in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus, PhD, a retired educator from California, and it’s based in Washington, D.C. AARP has many resources for retirees that continue to educate and inform. They have a Social Security calculator that identifies the highest monthly income versus the highest total amount over life expectancy. The program is really a Social Security benefits 101 calculator to get your toes wet. In addition to a simple calculator, they also have a Q&A tool, which is an exclusive resource for registered users of The content is updated regularly with answers to the most frequently-asked Social Security questions. Registered users can simply enter a term related to their question, and see the results for that topic. You or your clients may access their free calculator from a desktop, laptop or flash-based tablet at:

If you are more old school and like the touch and feel of a marketing kit, inclusive of a CD for your Mac or PC, then look no further than the Savvy Social Security for Boomers by Horsesmouth. Since 1997, Horsesmouth has been helping financial professionals succeed by providing educational guidance on key topics, such as business development, practice management, financial planning and investment strategies. This system contains everything from a full Q&A guide and a CD filled with everything from a Social Security calculator, educational material to a full PowerPoint marketing presentation. I wouldn’t recommend this type of stand-alone program without the strategic partnership from a wholesaler like DMI’s Amy Tedesco to help navigate the many solutions available at I’m told that they’re expanding this initiative on a larger scale this fall. All Social Security optimizers can uncover two important things. The first one is the possible need of annuities to supplement your client’s Social Security income. Two, is for those who qualify for life insurance to offset the loss of an income stream.

Last, but not least, Impact Technologies have created a web-based client facing program called the Social Security Explorer that can easily be used on your PC, Mac and iPad. This program’s magic is captured in its ability to create and display an optimized plan with a simple input. You can also adjust the variable’s output by sliding radio buttons. It has a visually pleasing interface and it references the Social Security Department’s website throughout the process with quick links to Social Security Explorer states it was designed for those agents not wanting to become Social Security experts, but for those who want to quickly see how benefit-start ages and strategies affect lifetime Social Security income: You can sign up for a free 14-day trial at and then convert to an annual subscription fee of $249/yr.

I believe with the proper due diligence, Social Security Planning could be an important value added service to your practice. These tools will help reinforce or renew your role as the trusted Advisor. Remember, it takes a strong team with your direction, determination and knowledge to complete your mission. Then it won’t be “Mission Impossible.”

This article will self-destruct in five seconds…good luck trusted agent.

Bryan Mills is a 20-year Financial Consultant working with private investors. He takes pride in helping his clients attain their financial aspirations with a focused discovery and simple solution process. Bryan’s tireless passion for “all things technology and gadgets” has evolved into his additional role as “thecollaborativeuploader.” His mission is to connect financial professionals with innovative and useful technology to enhance their business.

Bryan Mills is a financial consultant who has been working with private investors for over two decades. Building on 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and producing broker he launched AdvzrTek, a practice management technology site designed to help other financial professionals. His mission with AdvzrTek, is to connect other financial service professionals with innovative and useful ideas, to enhance their practice and save them time. He can be reached at or

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