Achieve Business Rhythm 5 ways to Orchestrate Success

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Does your company have a rhythm for growth? Rhythm, according to is “any sequence of regularly recurring functions or events, such as the regular recurrence of certain physiological functions of the body, as the cardiac rhythm of the heartbeat.” Rhythm is a critical factor in creating a satisfying quality of life. In the most basic sense, can you imagine only sleeping a couple random nights a week or eating at random times and random days? What would your body feel like, look like and behave like? The average person’s body would rebel, eventually causing illness, disease and possibly even death if the body got this much out of whack.

So many things are like this. Consider other rhythm’s that occur around us, especially one’s that create order and predictability, and yet still offer the richness of unknown possibilities. The rhythm in the seasons, for instance, offers us a degree of predictability in knowing when to plant the fields and harvest the bounty. Fowl and mammals alike, migrate to take advantage of the seasons. Even they have a rhythm as they set out on long journeys, leveraging the strengths of their numbers. Geese are a perfect example in the way they coordinate flying formations that give lift to those further in the back, so they can be fresh for a rotation at leading. There’s a rhythm to the universe, an order that keeps us all sustained in life. In any of those examples, when those rhythms are interrupted or cease to exist, life can even be at risk.

The same goes for our businesses. We all need a healthy rhythm to keep us focused, accountable and to have a place to ‘come back to’ when the unexpected interrupts it. In over a decade of coaching, I’ve discovered some healthy business rhythms that you may want to use in your business this year.

Rhythm 1: Vision
Vision is based on a picture of the preferable future at a given time. The vision will likely be refined over time with experience and new perspectives. As the vision and picture become clearer, the emotion gets stronger. This is true for the leader and the team. The key is to connect the business vision with individual vision, adding another rhythm to the process. We have to ‘get it’ for the company and be excited about what it will mean for us, individually. This becomes an annualized rhythm where we continually share, sharpen and sustain the vision. The result is everyone enjoys the music of success.

Rhythm 2: Achievement
Achievement is where the rubber meets the road. defines achievement as “something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.” In the world of mental health, we all know the important role that achievement plays in giving us a sense of identity, dignity, confidence and even purpose. However here’s the kicker, only by measuring can we know what we’ve achieved. Without a rhythm of tracking, measuring and adjusting, we will miss out on the incredible fulfillment only achievement can bring. Define your measurable goals and monitor them consistently.

Rhythm 3: Meetings
If you haven’t read Patrick Lencioni’s book “Death By Meeting,” you should. In the story, he raises a critical challenge with meetings, showing the importance of keeping them engaging and productive. The story clearly illustrates how the rhythm of your meetings should be a matter of life and death for the organization. In short, meetings must be recurring, consistent, focused, engaging and decision-oriented.

You should have regular meetings scheduled, each with a specific purpose and agenda. Keep them engaged by allowing the team to ‘mine for conflict.’ Create a safe environment by having a team meeting covenant of some kind, where everyone signs off, agreeing to standards of conduct in the meetings. In this context, everyone can feel accountable to each other, and if someone is holding back, someone else can call them out. It’s also very wise to keep tactical meetings separate from strategic meetings. This allows for efficient decision-making, focusing on immediate action versus longer term planning. Create a meeting calendar that starts with meeting titles. Define the types of meetings you feel would best serve your needs, create a flexible agenda for each, establish their recurrence and then invite the right people. Stick to the rhythm.

Rhythm 4: Learning and Development
Our most valuable asset is our lives. Our lives have meaning and purpose beyond measure. Yet many professionals fail to invest consistently in themselves. I’m convinced if we’re not working to improve ourselves, our efforts to improve our businesses will at best be diluted and at worst lead us into an unhappy future. The key to our success is in our personal definition of success. Becoming aware of these critical motivators and insights is part of learning. We are then able to develop ourselves into leveraging our strengths, while minimizing our potential weaknesses. They say our minds are like the oceans of the earth. We know far more about what we can see than what we can’t. A business coach is perfect for this role, because you learn how to master your thinking and behaviors, while working on your business. Get into a rhythm with an effective business coach that relates well with you and make it your best year ever!

Rhythm 5: Connection
We are made to be in relationship with others. It’s evident in science and philosophy. It’s part of the rhythm of life. Choose your relationships, personally and professionally, with care. It’s unlikely you will grow beyond the people around you. Invest in those vital relationships in your life and community. Operate your business by focusing on delivering value in some way to everyone you meet. Above all, identify your most valued clients and establish a rhythm for staying well connected.

Make this your most rhythmic and successful year yet. Consider how these vital rhythms are playing out in your personal and professional life. Establish a better rhythm and stay in tune.

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Todd Mauney is founder and president of ROI Coaching Solutions, a boutique coaching consultancy offering tailored coaching solutions to privately held business owners in the financial and professional services industries. Prior to starting his own coaching firm, Todd co-founded ProAdvisor Coach and served as President until April of 2012.

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