Best Smart Phone & Tablet Apps For the Industry

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Over the years, technology has been transforming how we live our lives. This is why many wholesalers, advisors and insurance professionals love showing off their new hardware “toys,”i.e.iPad, iPhone, Droid Phone or tablet, Windows Phone, etc. However, there’s a problem. Many of these people don’t utilize their “toys” as real “all-in-one business tools.” It’s not just about having a neat touch screen that includes Angry Birds, Scramble With Friends and email access. It’s also learning about different unbiased apps that work for the iPad and can be used in the industry.

Some of the apps are considered the “best in show.”


The “cloud” has been one of the most used catch phrases of recent times. At its core, cloud computing is computing power that allows you to access it on any mobile or stationary device, through any Internet browser with an active online connection. There…that was a clear and simple explanation without all the technical mumbo jumbo.

The dropbox is the poster child of easy and secure cloud computing. Once you complete the quick and easy sign-up process, they will start you with two gigabits of free “cloud storage.” You may purchase additional space for an annual or monthly cost or refer friends for more free space. Thanks impart to faster networks and a mass proliferation of professionals working from outside of their office, Dropbox has been adopted by many as the cloud of choice. Instead of being subjugated to a specific computer or smartphone, your important files and applications can be accessed from anywhere. This means that any files saved to your Dropbox will automatically save to your linked computers, phones and even the Dropbox website instantaneously. One particularly user-friendly feature users like is the ability to access Dropbox files even when they’re not online.

Dropbox also makes it super easy to share and collaborate important documents with co-workers,the home office and even clients. What if you accidentally spill the morning coffee on your laptop or phone?

No problem! You can have piece of mind that Dropbox always has you covered, and none of your stuff will ever be lost.

This is a free Apple iOS App and Android App.

Genius Scan

How about using the camera on your iPhone or iPad to help you in the field with an insurance policy. Genius Scan turns your iPad and iPhone into a portable scanner. It can capture a photo and create a clear PDF when you are at a meeting without access to a scanner, copy machine or Internet connection. Then you can easily crop and straighten the page thanks to Genius Scan frame auto-detection. In addition to turning a grayish document into real black and white, it can also make color documents look more vivid for easier viewing. You can utilize Genius Scan (free) for scanning and sending a document as a PDF in a matter of seconds through your email. Some users suggest upgrading to Genius Scan+ (paid app) so you can export your documents to a cloud, such as, Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs. You can also print your documents to an AirPrint compatible printer. The Genius Scan program has simple prompts to help you get the most of your time without being a “Genius” to operate it.

This is a free Apple iOS app.

Retire Logix

In 1597, Sir Francis Bacon coined the phrase “Knowledge is power.” Retire Logix is here to help share the “knowledge,” with a simple interactive calculator that shows how various sources of income can cover your needs and wants during retirement. You have the opportunity to educate and enlighten clients using Retire Logix innovative sliders and charts to forecast their potential retirement options in unbiased fashions. This program has been specifically designed for the intuitive touch screen navigation found with iPad, iPhone and Android touch-screen graphics. Users of Retire Logix can easily change assumptions, including annual retirement spending, retirement age, social security contributions, asset values, inflation and other inputs via the “Money Capsule” visual display and “Retirement Timeline” charts.

Money Magazine loved it so much that they elevated Retire Logix to its 100 Best Money Moves. Thousands of financial ideas are reviewed by the editors at Money Magazine every year. which are narrowed to the 100 Best Money Moves. This is an annual guide that talks about the best and timeliest investments, deals, products and strategies that will help individuals make smarter financial decisions. Retire Logix is the only financial planning application named to the 100 Best Money Moves list. Retire Logix is Free to download from the Apple App store and Google Play Store. They also have a paid version called Retire Logix Pro that provides access to College Logix, which helps determine a client’s collage savings needs, in addition to the Finance Logix Dashboard. Finance Logix is an innovative technology firm that provides customized end-to-end financial planning and client management solutions for your business, and they can even create a custom branded Retire Logix app. It would not surprise me if the next update adds an insurance module…oh, life would be grand.

This is a free Apple iOS app and Android app store.

LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator HD

People appreciate a simple and concise answer to a common planning question. How much life insurance do you need? You can stop wondering. Simply fill in some basic financial information, and this calculator will provide you with a general sense of your life insurance needs. The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions that safeguard their families’ financial futures. The main purpose of this App is to help educate your clients about life insurance needs for their family. LIFE’s goal is to help consumers better understand these products and where they fit within a client’s overall financial plans.

LIFE also seeks to remind people of the important role insurance professionals perform in helping families, businesses, and individuals find the insurance products that best fit their needs. LIFE does not endorse any product, company or insurance advisor. The aspect some people like about the app is their only interest is seeing that consumers get the coverage they need, to protect themselves and their loved ones. This App is also Free in the Apple iOS and Android app stores.

PDF Forms

Hand cramps and eye strain…yep. Insurance agents have an eternal love-hate relationship with filling out insurance applications, riders and forms of any kind. How many of us have tried different PDF form apps on the iPad that are supposed to help make life easier…yeah, right. Some have a great form filler, but they’re not compliant for getting your client’s signature.

Sometimes the signature spot is so small you and the client cannot even get it to look correct on the tablet.

PDF Forms makes this arduous task fun, simple, legible and compliance friendly!

This powerful and user-friendly tool is designed to work with PDF documents, contracts and forms. Just open an empty form and tap on the required field to add text. This is very easy and convenient.

You may save a copy of your signature and place it in a required area of a PDF document. When your client is ready to sign, the entire iPad’s screen becomes the signature pad. Your compliance department will love to see the disclosure above, where your client’s signature page pops up. “This is a one-time signature that will be inserted into the document and it will not be saved for later use.” You have to appreciate the importance of this single statement. To adjust the signature size, you are able resize it by simple dragging the signature frame.

This App is available in the Apple iOS app store online for $8.99 and many believe well worth it.

Please go to my blog to learn and be enlightened about many other useful apps, web apps and gadgets across all platforms that are the enablers of efficiency in our everyday business lives.

Bryan Mills is a financial consultant who has been working with private investors for over two decades. Building on 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and producing broker he launched AdvzrTek, a practice management technology site designed to help other financial professionals. His mission with AdvzrTek, is to connect other financial service professionals with innovative and useful ideas, to enhance their practice and save them time. He can be reached at or

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