Using Your iPad to Make Sales

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Technology is wonderful when it works, especially when it doesn’t require calling a support desk multiple times due to the ambiguity of the product or a program freeze. The fact is that we have all experienced technology frustration at one time or another. Sometimes, even a program that was designed to be an “amazing solution” can become a torturous time waster.

Most established old school professionals are slow to adopt new technologies within their current business models for many reasons. One reason is they have a time tested methodology that works for them and they don’t have the time to explore new and possibly better ways to do business. This is where my endless search for innovation, integration and simplicity began.

Mobile computing such as “tablets” are at the forefront of this innovation. With that in mind, many industry experts believe they should become part of your everyday business. After having tirelessly evaluated many mobile tablets over the last several years, one truly stands out: Apple’s iPad. Some of the excitement around it can be interpreted as “hype and  fanaticism.” I believe, however, that Apple has truly hit the mark with their hardware, software and customer service experience with the iPad. This is an experience seldom found with most consumer products.

Some of you reading this article may have been thinking of investing in an iPad, may already have one or may go and purchase one as soon as you finish reading my thoughts on this topic. My thirst for the discovery of the ultimate user friendly tool of the modern age has led me straight to the iPad.

Obviously the iPad can be used for many things. We all know you can surf the web, shop or watch a movie with the iPad. However, you may not know how it can actually help your business increase its revenue. How can you use an iPad to make more money?

Let’s boil it down. Unlike a laptop or notebook, the iPad turns “on” without delay in a matter of seconds. The creators of the iPad obviously appreciate the term “time is money.” The battery life has approximately 8-10 hours of continuous use without a charge (depending on your use), which is very helpful and convenient when you are out in the field closing business.

When you are out trying to make sales, the last thing you want to worry about is looking for a power outlet, much like a person in a desert looking for water.  As opposed to smart phones, the iPad delivers a headache free and hand-cramping free tablet experience due to its almost 10 inch screen (most smart phones are three to four inches). The iPad empowers you with the ability to easily create full-form letters, spreadsheets, PDF’s, advertisements, mailers and even “face to face” client presentations (easier than standard PowerPoint) on its large screen. Furthermore independent financial professionals are not always at a stationary desk. The iPad allows you to easily hold it like a book due to its light weight and simple form factor. I like reclining on my chair at times, rather than being slumped forward at a stationary desk. This allows me to work in a more comfortable position regardless of the venue. Go to for more specific details on the iPad.

In addition to ease of accessing or presenting information when meeting with clients, the iPad sets you apart from your competition, delivering a sharper, more professional presence that showcases your confidence and expertise.

Functionally, the iPad enables you to easily setup email communications and synch all your contacts with your entire universe, including your desktop and smart phone (everything works harmoniously together). In addition, you can use the iPad as:

  • A calculator
  • Daily news reader
  • Fax reader and scanner (great for taking clear scans of a completed life insurance application or policy for delivery at the point of sale)
  • An online form uploader (if you or your assistant forgot to include a form…no problem: go to the financial institution’s website and save it, email it or print it on the fly)

All in all, the iPad will impress your prospective clients, make your job a lot easier, save you many hours in a week and enable you to focus on making sales. But the biggest reason it can help in making you money is the power of its presentation capabilities. When used right, advisors can knock the socks off a new client and make them feel a part of the process by letting the client hold and engage the iPad. Don’t underestimate the power of instant presentation. The iPad is a useful, lucrative tool – essentially the Swiss Army knife for the mobile professional.

Bryan Mills is a financial consultant who has been working with private investors for over two decades. Building on 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and producing broker he launched AdvzrTek, a practice management technology site designed to help other financial professionals. His mission with AdvzrTek, is to connect other financial service professionals with innovative and useful ideas, to enhance their practice and save them time. He can be reached at or

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