Welcome to NAFA Annuity Outlook

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NAFA feels very positive about the outlook for fixed annuity sales in 2012 and beyond. But it takes a lot of work from a lot of people to keep our success as an industry going – starting with you and your sales efforts, to marketing organizations that distribute the product, to the carriers of course who make competitive and compelling products to sell.

NAFA Annuity Outlook, a brand new bi-monthly publication, is a testament to the successes our industry has achieved despite the challenges we have faced. More importantly, it was created as a single, powerful resource to meet your needs for the most current market trends, sales and marketing ideas, and legislative and regulatory information. View NAFA Annuity Outlook as the one publication that can truly provide an inside-look at what’s happening on Capitol Hill, a publication that arms you with ideas, tools, and research you can use to increase your success.

Fixed annuities are the perfect choice for retirees wanting to protect their future and their retirement. We need to maintain vigilance and action on legislation, regulations and litigation. Fixed indexed annuities continue to be under attack from our competitors but more and more players are seeing the consumer benefits and opportunities than ever before. We believe the perfect trifecta of more retirees, longer retirements, and the need for safety and guarantees will continue to drive sales and alter the conversation to the positive benefits of fixed indexed annuities.

Inside this inaugural issue of NAFA Annuity Outlook, you will discover incredible opportunities to assist in your sales and marketing efforts. This issue’s main feature by Chris Conklin, “Annuities in 401(k)s: New Regulations Highlight Importance, Create Opportunities” is absolutely critical for producers who deal with 401(k) scenarios. Conklin provides an important overview and reveals how new opportunities will emerge from the federal government’s recent endorsement of annuities.

NAFA Annuity Outlook is going to bring you in touch with the most recent regulatory, legislative and litigation updates, critical market trends and research. This first issue is loaded with new data on baby boomer behavior, indexed annuity sales, and important updates from NAFA’s role on Capitol Hill, addressing our industry’s concerns and recording the latest legislative updates. Learn more in our NAFA in Action section and in NAFA articles such as “Waiting Game: Update on the New Fiduciary Standard.”

From articles like this, to articles such as Todd Mauney’s “The Ultimate Revenue Generator” where you’ll learn how to turn prospects into advocates for your business, NAFA Annuity Outlook is designed to provide a  educational and entertaining experience for its readers. Our goal is to communicate relentlessly, educate thoroughly, and help our readers from all segments of the industry to achieve even greater success in 2012.

Welcome to NAFA Annuity Outlook,

Kim O’Brien

President and CEO, NAFA

Kim O’Brien is NAFA President & CEO. NAFA membership represents over 85% of all premium for fixed indexed, declared rate and income annuities written through the independent distribution system. Kim has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry beginning as in 1981 as office manager for an insurance agency. In 2002 Kim developed and ran her own marketing organization and received the 2002 Entrepreneur Award from Sun Life. In between, Kim worked as a marketing executive for major insurance companies and was responsible for their annuity and term life insurance product line development, marketing, and training processes. In 1993, Kim served as interim deputy director of the Wisconsin Department of Insurance under Governor Tommy Thomson and served Governor Thompson until a permanent replacement could be found. In July 1992, Kim was the first women in Wisconsin to pass the CFP exam established in 1991 by the CFP Board as a single comprehensive examination modeled after the licensing examinations given to attorneys or Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Kim O'Brien received her BA from Ripon College, her MFA from the University of Northern Colorado, and an MBA with an emphasis in Economics from Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin. In 2008, Kim was accepted into the Juris Doctorate program at the William H. Taft Law School and completed her first year and passed the preliminary California Bar as required before continuing her degree. She has recently re-instituted her studies to begin this summer after a hiatus due to her NAFA workload. As an avid musical theater fan and dancer, Kim has directed or choreographed over 60 shows in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. She lives with her husband and college sweetheart of 39 years, Kelly, in Phoenix nestled in the Thunderbird Conservatory she enjoys hiking the mountains with their Irish setters.

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